Stockton Lake

 Happy O's Sportsman's Resort 

Permanently  CLOSED  

Thank you to all of our wonderful guests over the last several years.  We enjoyed having you stay with us.  We are permanently closed. We have decided to go another direction and no longer operate the motel or RV spots.  Enjoy the lake!!   

3/26/2019  Thank you to all of the guests that have stayed with us and for those that rented seasonally from us throughout the years that Jim and I have owned the motel.  We have decided to close the motel and enjoy the next chapter of our lives.  We hope that you will continue to come to Stockton Lake to enjoy the lake and time with family and friends.  We will be doing a lot of that as well.  

We met a lot of great people and made a lot of great friends during the time we have owned the motel.  We are looking forward to seeing many of you still on the beautiful water of Stockton Lake.  

Best wishes, 

Jim and Mary 

1/7/2019  Happy New Year everyone.  It's 64 degrees here today.  Lots of changes at Happy O's.  We will no longer have motel rooms available for rent.  We may have some RV spots for rent. We are renovating some units into condos, so will have 2 condos for sale.  Work is still in progress. We will sell the units unfinished if you would like to do the remodeling yourself.  Check back for updates.  

11/30/2018  There are ending and new beginnings.  Our 2 story motel building is being torn down today to make room for new RV spots.  Exciting changes at Happy O's.  Stay tuned!! 

9/9/2018   We had a great time with family, friends and our resort guests during the Labor Day weekend.  We hope you did as well.  The weather has turned a bit cooler approaching fall.  Looks like swimming may be done but fishing is on.  For Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at Hawker Point, during the off season we are planning to make a few changes to the resort for next season so stay tuned. We'll post updates.  

We wish you well, peace and health. 

7/27/2018   Wow the summer is going fast.  There is still lots of time left to spend quality time with family and friends at the lake.  Enjoy the warm weather, sunshine and great times at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at Stockton Lake near Hawker Point.  The lake is a 25,000 acre pool of water for all sorts of recreational activities!  

6/22/2018   Summer is here.  What a fun time to be at the lake.  Come join the great weather and time with family and friends at Happy O's near Hawker Point at Stockton Lake. 

5/14/2018  Wow - what a great week. The Veterans of Camp Valor Outdoors stayed with us at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort and went out fishing on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  They caught a lot of fish, had a very nice fish fry, and lots of fun conversations.  Check out the pictures I posted in our photos tab.  

We also had a wonderful weekend at the lake with good friends. 
The weather is warming up and its a great time to get to the lake.  



                  Condos for sale                            Historical photo - all but 3 rooms      Previously seasonal rooms                              have been torn down.  


                    Historic Picture - RV Spots with full hook-up  




3/12/2018  The weather people say it is supposed to be in the 60's this week.  Great time to come check out Stockton Lake!  Call for reservations at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort near Hawker's Point. 

2/26/2018  The lake is filling up and we're ready for fishing, hiking, boating and enjoying lake life.  Come see us at Happy O's Sportsman's Report near Hawker's Point at Stockton Lake.  The fun is only limited by your imagination!  

2/18/2018  Spring is just a few weeks away.  Here at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at Stockton Lake, we are ready.  Here are some updates that Jim has been working on over the winter.  It looks amazing, including the new RV spots and rustic porch additions.  Come see us this season, spend quality time with family and friends and take in all the beauty of the lake. 


            Cedar porches for Condos!!!                         Historic RV spot photo  


     The Happy O's Sportsman's Resort grounds. The 2 story has been torn down.

11/6/2017  Thank you to all our guests, friends and family that came to see us during this 2017 season.  It was a lot of fun.  Jim has been working hard on improvements to the resort.  We are adding new decks to the resort as well as RV spots.  It should be ready to go by next season. 

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you again during the 2018 season.  It looks to be even more fun that ever.  

7/4/2017   Happy Independence Day!!!   July 4th!!!!

It was a fun weekend at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort by Hawker Point at Stockton Lake celebrating the holiday! 
We hope you have a wonderful, safe July 4th!!!



6/26/2017   Wow - what bea
utiful weather we are having here at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort by Hawker Point at Stockton Lake.  The water is the right temperature for swimming, boating, fishing, or whatever water or outdoor activity your prefer.   

We are also excited about the July 4th holiday celebrations.   The Stockton City fireworks are July 1st. Also on July 1st is the Mutton Creek boat parade which starts at 1pm at the big island as well as their evening fireworks.   

Come check out all the fun and excitement this coming weekend.  We're anxious to see you!!!


5/30/2017  It was a wonderful Memorial Day weekend at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort by Hawker Point, Stockton Lake.  If you're not here, you should be. 





5/8/2017  The weather is warming up and the trees are budded out, green and beautiful.  With all this rain, the lake is full and ready for whatever water activity you want. Come visit us at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at Stockton Lake for fishing, boating, hiking, or just relaxing.  It's a great place to spend time and make memories with family and friends!

3/23/2017  We are excited to welcome the fishermen this weekend coming for their fishing tournament.  Good luck to all!

We have been busy in the off-season renovating the rooms and adding more kitchenettes.  Check out the pictures under our Amenities & Rates link then come check it out in person.  We're ready for a fun filled 2017 season and anxious to see you enjoying yourself at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort on Stockton Lake! 

3/10/2017  We have some crazy midwest weather.  Last weekend was warm and this weekend has gotten colder. The good news is that it will soon be spring and time for fun at the lake.  We have been hard at work on the off-season here at Stockton Lake - Happy O's Sportsman's Resort. We have been converting some of our rooms into mini kitchenettes.  Check out the pictures in our amenities tab and then come see for your self. 

The lake is a bit low right now, but the spring rains should come soon to raise the lake a bit, the fish will be spawning, the weather will get warmer and it will be prime for lake activities!!  We are looking forward to a great 2017 season and can't wait to see you!!!  

12/3/2016  We are closed now for the season, but what a great season it was!!  We had lots of families, boaters, swimmers, hunters, fisher men and women come stay with us. Fun was had by all. Thank you to all of our guests, friends and new friends.  We have enjoyed getting to know you. 

Hopefully it will be a short winter and the 2017 season will come soon. We at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at Stockton Lake want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! 

We will be working hard during the off-season to make sure we are ready for a long, fun-filled 2017 season. 



10/31/2016             HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!    The summer season may be over but there is still lots of fishing, hunting, hiking, etc. to be enjoyed here at Stockton Lake, Happy O's Sportsman's Resort.  Don't miss out.  

9/12/2016  What a great summer.  We're hoping for a few more days of water fun, then its fishing, hunting, more hiking and whatever fall sport you can think of.  Come join us at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at Stockton Lake.  See our photos tab for more great summer pictures.


7/7/2016 WOW what a great July 4th weekend at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort - Stockton Lake.  There is still a lot of summer left.  Bring your family and friends to enjoy some quality time at the lake.  



6/6/2016   What beautiful weather we are having at Happy O's at Stockton Lake.  You should be here enjoying it with us.  The water is warming up for all the summer time fun of swimming, tubing, paddle boarding etc.  Come try it for yourself!!!!


4/30/2016  Get ready, get set, to GO to the lake!!!  We're looking forward to a fun filled lake season at Happy O's Sportsman's Resort at the beautiful Stockton Lake.  If you're not here, you should be.  Come to play, relax and enjoy time with family and  friends.  We're waiting for you. 


3/13/2016  We're ready for the 2016 season!!  Come see us.  We're open and ready to take reservations.  Try your luck at fishing, do some hiking, or just come and relax.  It's always a good time at the lake!!!!


3/9/2016  The weather is warming up and we're getting excited about the 2016 season.  Give us a call and make your reservations early.  It's time to come fish, get the boat ready for boating, find those swimsuits to get ready for the warmer water and fun times at the LAKE!!!  

1/16/2016  Brrrr, yep it's cold outside but there are still those that will test the fishing even in the cold.  Best of luck to them. Soon it will be warm enough for the rest of us to give it a try.   Come join us this spring to kick off a fun-filled 2016 lake season!!!                                          

1/1/2016  HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!!  We are looking forward to a wonderful 2016 and anxious to see all of you!!  Currently the lake is extremely high with all the recent rains.  It should be going down soon, hopefully.  We'll be ready for spring fishing in no time.  We wish you all the best in 2016 and hope to see you soon! 


There is a lot to see and do at Happy O's at Stockton Lake besides fish, like bird watch, nature hikes, chasing deer, watching the leaves change and even do a little early holiday shopping at the unique Stockton shops. See the links below for more information.                           




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