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Jim and Mary Caswell
Happy O's Updates and Fishing Report
3/26/2019  Happy O's Sportsman's Resort is permanently closed.  We have decided to go in a new direction.  Thank you to all of our past customers and great friends we have made during the journey.  We are excited for the next chapter of our lives.  Best wishes to all!!!

6/15/2018  Fishing report:

Water temperature 85

Walleye are biting on crawlers with a 1/8 oz jigs and hitting on bottom bouncers.

Catfish are biting great on worms on points.   

The crappie are mainly suspended in the coves still. As the thermocline develops a little stronger they should all move to the brush piles and jigs or minnows will be your best bet.

Bass have been biting pretty good on Plastics and jigs on points as well as some topwater baits in the early morning and evenings.

5/18/2017  Fishing report:

STOCKTON: 64 degrees, clear, 10 feet high. Outlook: Stockton Lake Guide Service: Crappies fair to good drifting minnows and jigs 20 feet down in 30 feet of water; walleyes fair on bottom bouncers and nightcrawlers in 19 to 21 feet of water; bass fair on jigs in flooded brush and off secondary points; catfish fair to good on nightcrawlers in flowing water.

3/13/2016   If you're a walleye fisherman, the Missouri Department of Conservation suggests 2016 as a good year.  They indicated that:

"Walleye anglers should expect good walleye fishing in 2016.  Walleyes are stocked in Stockton Lake at 1-2 inches in size and typically grow to 15 inches in two years.  In 2012 the Stockton Lake walleye stocking regime was changed from a biennial (every other year) stocking to an annual stocking.  Thus, walleye have been stocked in each of the last five years.  Walleyes stocked in 2014 will be in the 14-16 inch range in spring of 2016.  Walleyes stocked in 2015 will offer catch and release opportunities.  Electrofishing surveys conducted in the spring of 2015 revealed catch rates above the long term average and approximately 76 percent of the fish sampled were 15 inches or longer. "

8/21/2015   It's getting a little cooler.  Time to think about picking up the fishing pole.  Check out the fishing report at Stockton Lake, Happy O's Sportsman's Resort.  

STOCKTON: 85 degrees, clear, 21/2 feet high. Outlook: Stockton Lake Guide Service reports: crappies fair on minnows 25 in brush; bass poor to fair (a few are being caught on large plastic worms in brush piles); walleyes fair on bottom bouncers in 13 to 17 feet of water on the flats; catfish very good on fresh shad in 12 to 17 feet of water on flats; white bass good on Rooster Tails where fish are surfacing in evening.


4/21/2013   Unloading the catch of the day.  Yep, it's fish for dinner tonight!  Great fishing at Stockton Lake.  Come try your luck!!!





Check out Happy O's this spring.  Fishing is great, trees starting to bloom, and sunsets are beautiful.



11/2/2012                                     Happy O's is now closed.
Thank you to our guests for staying at Happy O's this past season. We have enjoyed all the fun times. We are looking forward to a great season next year.  

During the winter months, look for us and other Stockton Lake Association representatives at your local sports shows. We would love to share the Happy O's updates with our guests and new friends.  Have a Happy O's day!!  

10/17/2012                                         Happy O Update
We want to thank the Bill Hill BassMasters for staying with us at Happy O's during their 2 day classic fishing tournament last week.  Congratulations to the winner, Rod Ruehle, and the second place winner, Ben Minor. Ben also took home the money for the big bass of the 2 day tournament.

We are seeing lots of wild turkey and deer around the resort area.  Come see us and
check out the wild life.  Here are some examples.  


 10/01/2012                                        Happy O's Update
Happy O's is getting it's new face.  New siding is being put up and is looking GREAT!!!  

Come check out the new look, plus the cool weather is a great time to get out on the water and try your luck at fishing. You can also check out the changing tree colors.  The evening skies are beautiful.  The star lit sky is very peaceful.  Come and join us for a fun and relaxing time at Happy Os!!!

9/16/2012                                          Happy OOOOOOO's
WOW what a weekend!!!  Thank you to Steve and Jennifer Smith for bringing the 1st band to Happy O's.  Also, Happy Birthday to all the Smiths and friends of the Smiths who were celebrating birthdays!!  What a fun night.   The band,  The Breeze, played in the clubhouse for several hours.  There was a lot of good food, drinks and dancing.  Check out our photos tab for some of the photos and video of the evening. 

9/8/2012                                            Happy O Update 
We would like to thank the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and K.C. Frogmen's Club for including the lake area near Happy O's Sportsman's Resort in the Stockton Lake clean-up day.  It was a great day for the clean-up. The group collected some old tires, jugs and other debri.  Thank you ! 

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